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An all-in-one solution for nurses on a pocket-size computing device (SDA) that’s integrated with RFID, barcode, and other patient data acquisition components.  It’s a natural extension of HIS onto the palms of nurses. SDA plays pivotal roles in identification process, patient data collection process, doctor order execution process, medicine management process, and etc.  It reduces human errors, improves work efficiency, and provides with the management team the direct visibility into nurse’s daily activities.

System Characteristics:
1)In line with domestic and international medical industry standardized requirements for hospital services;
2)Accord the Latest nursing specification that released by Ministry of Health;
3)Using Mobile terminal reasonable can develop the business to every corner;
4) Designing the overall data integration ,and open up information silos

System value:
1)  to reduce medical errors and reduce the workload of nurses, improve the efficiency of nurses
2)  improve therapeutic safety and reliability, improve the level of nursing and service performance, and enhance core competitiveness
3)  to shorten the process time, improve work efficiency of medical staff
4)  to shorten the time that see a doctor, increase bed turnover rate
5)    intelligent information nursing mode, improve hospital brand image, and achieve the hospital construction digital