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    Operation Room Specimen Inspection System manages the creation and registration of the specimen in operation room, the transportation between operation room and the pathology lab, and the acknowledgment of receiving specimen by the pathology lab.  It monitors the specimen throughout the process, greatly reduces the chance for mis-tagging of a specimen.  It also makes automatic inventory of specimen possible, in which human errors can be further reduced.  Invloved technologies include wifi, bar code, RFID, middleware stack for easy integration, and etc.

Flow of Solution:

System Characteristics:

1)  Using RFID for identification, smear- or stain-proof.
2)  Using 2D barcode for backup identification or verification
3)  RFID allows batch inventory and/or automatic inventory.;
4)  Closed-loop management of surgical specimens;
5)  Makes the specimen collection process manageable and trackable.

Core Value:

1)Achieve trackable process of operation pathological examination;
2)Avoid lost or misidentified surgical specimens due to damaged or unrecognized labels;
3)Provide with management team the visibility into the specimen collection process;
4)Reduce human errors,improve work efficiency;