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Fixed Assets Management System is user-centric, asset accounting and asset card information is based on the integration of existing information systems to redundancy and bar code technology, RFID technology to realize the assets of fixed assets, budget, planning, procurement, into library, department please collar, a library (use), maintenance, transfer, retirement asset lifecycle management, effective solution to the assets "account thereof inconsistent" live.

The function of the system:

System advantages:
1)double track label, double labeling with RFID and barcode technology;
2)Understanding of the hospital's assets real time;
3)Can use wireless technology to complete asset inventory and to locate high value assets;
4)The realization of hospital account match up, a warning is issued in assets with high value assets left the hospital;

System value:
1)Through the label matching device, and understand the equipment information at any time;
2)Reducing human intervention, improve data accuracy;
3)Standardized asset management, reduce hospital consuming manpower costs, achieving meticulous management of hospital;
4)Improving hospital management capabilities and staff productivity;