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Smart Digital Assistant (SDA)

      SDA is the handheld data collection information terminal product line of BayNexus INC. The product line adheres to “safe”, “smart”, and “compact” - three core concepts to achieve the perfect fusion of technology and fashion. SDA is the new generation of mobile equipment in clinical settings.
      The latest model in the series BN-HH-G02 was one of the 10 finalists for the "RFID Journal Live 2013 Most Innovative Product Award".  It also won "China International Industrial Design Taihu Award", "2013 CHIMA-Intel Cup Best Healthcare Mobile Application Award ".  Around 2000 with the emergence of the industry's first Palm Pilot as the representative of PDA, realize the wireless access data, focusing on information operations moving state; About 2005 to Motorola as the representative introduced enhanced PDA, namely EDA, on the basis of the introduction of the PDA barcode engine for process control applications can be based on bar code technology. After the product launch in the logistics industry has been widely used, such as: warehouse management, delivery, retail stores and so on. 5-6 years ago, the medical profession have begun to try to apply. But there is a large volume weight, poor portability, software limited to WinCE / mobile interface expression is not in place, which are not conducive to the health care industry applications factors. Today, intelligent terminals, RFID and other related technologies has made considerable progress in the medical industry needs to comply with industry application characteristics, have a good application development of dedicated handheld terminal, SDA emerged in this context.